American Water Spaniel

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If you want a dog that is muscular and hardy and you have the space required you may want to consider the American Water Spaniel. The double curly coat will require some maintenance but this loving, attentive breed is worth the effort. Their warm colors range from liver to dark chocolate. You will find the American Water Spaniel to be very intelligent and trainable. He is eager to learn anything you wish to teach. While most are used to hunt fowl and rabbits they also make wonderful guard dogs and family pets. They are normally very friendly, confident and energetic dogs. They are usually highly sensitive dogs so they will require a calm, quiet, gentle teacher. The American Water Spaniel is such an easy going pet that he will love children as long as he is socialized with them from being a small puppy. His trainer must be a good leader who can hold the alpha position without being harsh. Heavy handed training methods will not work with this breed.

The American Water Spaniel only reaches a height of about 18 inches and should weigh between 25 and 45 pounds, staying in healthy proportion to his height. When cared for properly this breed can live up to 15 years. They grow very close to their human pack and they show it in a very sensitive way. When they are well exercised they are gentle and loving. Exercise is the key to keeping this breed happy in the house. He will need both physical and mental stimulation outside every day. They love the water and will swim any time they can. They use their tail as a rudder and are excellent swimmers even in the most turbulent waters. You will be able to tell if he is exercised enough by his behavior inside. Because of his coat type it is recommended that he be kept inside.

The American Water Spaniel is an active dog who will enjoy roaming the neighborhood if he is allowed. A sturdy fence is recommended for his own protection. They can be kept in an apartment as long as their exercise requirements are met. Having a yard to play in, a pool to swim in or being close to the local dog park is best for him. They have an oily coat so bathe them sparingly. Bathing too regularly can strip the oils from his coat and cause dry skin. He will need a good brush out at least once each week, and you should pay close attention to the longer hair under his arms, between his legs and around his tail. The American Water Spaniel will become matted if you are not careful with his coat. His coat may have an odor, but he is a very light shedder. The American water Spaniel has been a farm and hunting dog since the 18th century. They were recognized by the AKC in 1940. They originated in the Great Lakes area and are currently the state dog of Wisconsin.


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