Are There Silver Labradors?

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For quite a long time now, there has been a strong controversy connected with Silver (gray) Labradors.

Officially, Labradors come in three colors – yellow, black and brown. However, more and more often one hears of a Silver Labrador.

There is an ongoing argument whether Silver Labradors are true Labradors or not. Many breeders claim that Silver Labradors are born from a cross of purebred Labradors, so they should be recognized as purebred as well.

However, some experts say that if Labrador genes were examined, it would be found that silver is just not possible. They argue that Silver Labradors are the result of a cross between a Chocolate Labrador and a breed similar to Labradors that could provide the necessary genes for the unique coloring. This theory is supported by the fact that Silver Labrador origin can be traced back to two kennels that claim to have achieved the color “by accident”.

So, are Silver Labradors true Labradors? Most Kennel Clubs still don’t recognize Silver Labradors as purebred, though they are faced with a powerful opposition demanding silver to be recognized as an official color. However, Silver Labs are allowed to participate in shows and contests, but they have to be registered as chocolate.

It is hard to say if Silver Labradors have pure Labrador blood. It seems that they could be a result of cross-breeding with Weimaraners – a breed of gun dogs with grey coloration that is very similar to Labs in character and appearance.

However, with Labradors character is the most important thing. That is what has made the breed No. 1 around the world. Silver Labradors are just as loyal, friendly and lovable as any Labrador retriever!

So, if you are having doubts about obtaining a Silver Labrador, just go for it – genetics are important, but in the end a dog should be judged by the heart, and Silver Labradors have always been true to their name!

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