Australian Bulldog

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The Australian Bulldog could easily be mistaken for the American Bulldog. They both have a solid bone structure and excellent muscle mass. They are a very compact breed with a wide chest and loose skin. The fur is short and very smooth. They have large eyes and many of them have an undershot jaw. The ideal jaw structure for show dogs is wide with a square top and bottom. They can be found in a very wide range of colors and color combinations. He is a medium size dog and they are very family oriented. The Australian Bulldog is also much like other Bully breeds in that socialization and training are of the utmost importance, and they should both be started very young. When they are properly trained and socialized they make excellent family pets.

You can expect your Australian Bulldog to be of high intelligence and once you let him know who is boss they want nothing more than to please you. They are very loyal and loving dogs who are very good with children. As with all dogs however, children should not be left unattended when they spend time with dogs. Australian Bulldogs love to be active in things like playing ball, catching a Frisbee and in most activities around water. He is easy-going and fun loving. He is so gentle that having him as a guard dog is not a good idea but he will watch his property and alert you of anything out of the ordinary. With his intelligence you will find him easy to train if you remain calm, firm and confident as you teach. He simply craves all the leadership he is offered. They have tremendous stamina and will need to be exercised daily with a brisk walk or by playing ball with him. You will also need to feed his intelligence by offering interesting challenges often.

Your Australian Bulldog should not exceed 20 inches in height at the withers. He can range in weight from 50 pounds for females to 80 pounds for males. The breed in general is a healthy one. There are no known health problems specific to this breed but you will not want to allow him to become overweight. The additional stress on his joints will cause health problems as he ages. They are not really suitable for life in an apartment though he is not an outside dog. The Australian Bulldog has problems with very cold or very hot weather. Life in a house with a yard is optimal for them but be sure to monitor the amount of time he spends outside and keep the weather in mind.

They are relatively easy to groom because of their short, smooth fur, and they are average shedders. He will need an occasional bath and a good stiff bristled brush is best between bathing. You will need to use a damp washcloth on his face every day to clean between the folds in his skin. Skin irritations and infections are common with any dog with folds in their skin when they are not properly cared for.


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