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The Basenji brings about curiosity in all who have heard of the breed. They are short coated, smooth athletic dogs with well-defined muscles, but he certainly falls in the small dog category. His almond shaped eyes are captivating and you will find them to be full of expression. His ears are always in the pricked position and his hearing is often exceptional. You can find him in many different coat colors ranging from black, copper and chestnut brown to brindle or even tan and white. He will usually have some white on his toes, his chest, and on the tip of his tail. This is the breed everyone talks about that does not bark. Never take this to mean that they are quiet because they do make a variety of different sounds from a yodel to a growl, a howl, and even a kind of crow. 

You will find the Basenji to be a curious dog and his antics to be amusing. They are alert and eager to learn as long as you are dominant enough to be the boss he so desperately needs. They are both energetic and intelligent. He loves to play and will make a great pet as long as he is socialized very young with people, other dogs and children. He should not be trusted with small pets as he will chase them and can harm them. He has a very strong desire to please his human pack. He can seem reserved at times, feeling wary of strangers, but he will create a tight bond with his family. 

Because of his fine, short coat the Basenji does not like wet weather. They love to chew and should be provided with plenty of toys that he knows are just his. He may be protective over his toys and children should be aware of this. Another refined habit of this breed is his desire to climb. He can climb a baby gate or a chain-link fence easily. Many people contest that the Basenji is very cat-like. It is true that he cleans himself like a cat and leaves little for grooming requirements. You will also find him to be frisky and tireless when he is playing. Do not, however make the mistake of thinking that this dog is a quiet breed; he is not. 

The Basenji is a clever dog and is very good at finding ways to get what they want. He will need a lot of mental and physical challenges to keep his mind and body the exercise he needs. He will require firm, consistent rules they are required to adhere to at all times. Allowing something once is like giving him a green flag to do it over and over again. He will not like being left alone and if he is he will find a way to get into trouble. Also, keep in mind that he can be difficult to contain. For owners that have a solid knowledge of dog behavior they are sure to have a good, loving relationship with these dogs. 

The Basenji is prone to kidney issues and they can develop eye and intestinal issues. These problems need to be caught and cared for early to avoid life threatening health problems. He can live in an apartment if you have very understanding neighbors and you should fulfill his need for exercise. He can easily become overweight if he does not get the proper amount of exercise. They are active pack animals and do best when you keep two or even three of them together. Since the dog will wash itself, much like a cat, he can be considered a non-allergenic dog. He sheds almost none at all. He is a very small dog, not reaching more than about 17 inches in height and not exceeding about 25 pounds, and they will be a long-time companion for about 12 years. 

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