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Is there anyone who does not love the Beagle? They are such sweet and loving dogs. He is a very sturdy little dog with tremendous curiosity. His beautiful brown eyes will captivate your heart. His long droopy ears help to frame his adorable little face. He is usually tri-colored black, brown and white. His coat is short to medium in length but it is hard and sleek. Beagles are not barkless but they do sometimes howl. They were originally bred to be hunting dogs and they are very good at the hunt. Families all over the United States have taken them into their homes as loving, affectionate pets. 

They always seem happy and they seem to love everyone. They are rated one of the best possible dogs for families with children. They are a hardy breed and seem to want to nurture children. Because they were bred to hunt you may not want to allow him free rein over other animals. If you socialize him with other animals from a very young age and keep it up throughout his life he will be able to be trusted with other family pets, but introducing new ones may be a difficult task. He will respond best to positive reinforcement training and you must stick to the rules you set. He needs a strong leader and will be happy to follow your lead. They do have strong pack instincts and love a home with other dogs. You can supplement that with plenty of visits to the local dog park. 

The beagle is an intelligent dog and will need both mental and physical stimulation. He will need a lot of exercise and that can be from running, playing games, taking part in sporting events, or from having an active job to do. He wants to track scents because that is what his breeding was for, so you may want to get him involved in search and rescue work. Make sure you have a secure fence before bringing home a Beagle. He would rather chase a scent right out of your yard than to be bored. They do not like to be alone and can suffer from separation anxiety if they are left alone too much. Bored dogs get themselves into trouble. 

There is several different size Beagles and they can range from as little as 12 inches tall at the shoulder to as much as 15 inches. Just as their height differs their weight can too. You will find them with a healthy weight anywhere from 20 to 25 pounds. The average lifespan of a Beagle is about 15 years. They are susceptible to several different health concerns such as epilepsy, eye diseases and even heart disease. Keeping him well exercised and properly stimulated will help avoid these problems. 

The Beagle is full of stamina and they need ways to burn that off. They may run off when taken out off-lead if they catch a scent they want to follow. They are great with people in general and especially children as long as they are properly socialized and trained. He is an easy dog to groom and he is an average shedder. Check his ears often to make sure he does not have an infection brewing under those long, heavy ears of his. Make sure his nails are trimmed regularly as with any breed. 

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