Bearded Collie

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The Bearded Collie is a mid-sized, very strong working dog by nature. Their coat is nearly water proof and shaggy all over his body. Bearded Collie pups are born darker in color than what they will be as adults. You can expect the coat color to change several times before he matures into a light gray or cream color. He is a very happy-go-lucky dog and as long as they are properly socialized and trained they are normally a joy to have around. His hilarious antics are sure to keep you in stitches as he grows. They are so playful that they make terrific playmates for children. They are affectionate and lively enough to keep even the children entertained. These dogs can be so silly but they do create a very strong bond with their human family. They suffer from separation anxiety on a major scale if they are left alone and they are big enough to cause serious damage while you are gone. Take him with you whenever possible and play with him until you really tire him out before you leave him. Never leave him for long periods of time. 

The Bearded Collie is most well-known for his bouncy disposition. He is a high energy dog and he is very boisterous. You must find ways to involve him in things that are both mentally and physically engaging. If they get bored they can be destructive and if you seem meek they will try and take over your responsibility as the leader. He best trains with consistency and positive reinforcement. You will need to remain calm and patient and consistent with your training. Set certain rules so do not break them or you will confuse him. Start early with socialization and obedience training and reinforce those lessons often. The Bearded Collie is a herding dog and it is up to you to make sure he understands that people are not to be herded. They are very noisy when they bark. 

The average bearded Collie is about 22 inches tall when they are mature. They normally weigh in at about 60 pounds. That is a lot of dog if he is not trained early. His average lifespan is approximately 15 years as long as his health is kept in check. The only real health problems with this breed are hip dysplasia and weight gain. Due to the very dense coat you may have a difficult time keeping him parasite free. Keeping his coat clear of fleas and ticks will be a constant battle. Keeping him in cooler climates may help with infestations but the Bearded Collie does not seem to mind any kind of weather. They even like the rain, which brings us to grooming.

The Bearded Collie is much like the Old English Sheep Dog when it comes to grooming. They both have a long rough coat and they both will get tangles that turn in to mats very quickly. These dogs need daily brushing. If you mist the coat with water before you begin you will not break off as much hair. Alternate a brush and then a comb to be sure there are no mats left when you are done. You can also have him professionally groomed and have some of the hair removed to make the daily brushing a little easier. Once the hair is completely mat free, be sure and check the dog for flea dirt and ticks. 

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