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Much like the German Shepherd Dog, the Beauceron is a large working dog. He is athletic and captivating. His oval dark brown eyes are always taking in information. He has half-pricked ears that hear everything. The number one gene that follows this breed usually has two rear dewclaws on each back leg. It is almost unheard of in other breeds. They are usually black and tan but they have been bred to show a harlequin coat as well. In the black and tan type of Beauceron they have trademark brown eyebrows that add expression to their faces. You can expect the breed to be unusually intelligent and they tend to excel at everything during training. 

The Beauceron is a very brave working dog. They are always eager to please their master. They are obedient and always respond quickly to the commands of their master. They have an uncanny ability to detect danger and are remarkable watchdogs. They were originally bred to be herding dogs on a farm. They absolutely must have an owner that is calm and assertive. His owner must start training when he is very young and socialization is the key. You will need to be firm while training this dog, without bending the rules. If you are weak he will know and he will take over and run the house. Once trained and socialized he will be as loyal and faithful as any other dog around. 

They love any wide open space where they can run full speed and play. They will naturally try to herd anything they find, even humans. They need to know early in life that people are not to be herded. He needs both mental and physical challenges that will keep him engaged. He simply cannot be left alone for long periods of time and he needs ample exercise. If he is exercised enough and you are willing to devote the time it takes to properly socialize and train this dog, he will be a loyal and faithful friend. Make sure he understands that you are the master and that all other humans that live in the household are above him. As long as he knows who the boss is he will faithfully follow. They are good with children as long as they have been properly socialized as a puppy. 

The Beauceron grows very quickly and he can be as much as forty pounds by the time he is just 3 months old. They are very active and slow to fully mature. His average height is about 28 inches tall at the shoulder. When he reaches full maturity he is likely to weigh as much as 100 pounds. You can expect approximately 12 years of affectionate, faithful companionship from your Beauceron. As long as they receive ample exercise they are a happy, hearty breed. You will need to be aware of bloat and hip dysplasia but these issues are rare. He can be happy in a small space as long as he is able to get enough exercise. 

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