Bedlington Terrier

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If there is just one breed that will steal your heart away with nothing more than a passing glance, it is the Bedlington Terrier. This lamb-like, small to medium dog is loveable, playful, intelligent and affectionate. His eyes are almond shaped and are almost always dark but you can still see his thought processes. His ears are set low on his head and droop to well-rounded tips. He has a thick double coat that feels much like cotton. He is usually white but can be found in cream, tan, sandy and even liver. This is a powerhouse breed that is certain to steal your heart!

You must not forget that this gorgeous dog is a terrier at heart. He will need a calm but firm trainer and training must start young. He will need to be well socialized from a very young age as well. If he thinks he can get something by you he will try. If you let him get away with something once he will not stop. Set rules and stick to them. If you do not break the rules he will abide by them faithfully. He needs to be well socialized with other dogs at a very young age or he will not be very accepting of dogs when he gets older. The Bedlington Terrier can turn very vicious if he feels threatened so it is best to get him familiar with as many new things as possible while he is young. 

Once properly socialized and obedience trained the Bedlington Terrier makes a wonderful house pet. They love things that they are comfortable with, including cats and children. Your socialization will determine whether or not he will enjoy the company of other dogs in settings like day care and dog parks. He is an active dog who plays with enthusiasm. He loves to dig so make him a sandbox when he is very young to keep him out of your garden. You will be amazed at how fast he can run so make sure your obedience training is thorough. He does not do very well when left alone for long periods of time and can suffer from separation anxiety. He needs proper leadership to keep him from becoming possessive. 

Your Bedlington Terrier will only reach about 17 inches at the shoulder when he is full grown. He should not exceed about 23 pounds. Feed him a healthy diet and exercise him daily to keep him from becoming overweight. These little dogs can suffer from some health problems such as kidney disease, liver disease, thyroid problems and cataracts. If you care for his health well he will enjoy a long life of up to 17 years. You will find him to be one of the best non-allergenic breeds available. He will need daily coat care and professional grooming about every eight weeks. 

Originally bred to hunt rabbit, fox, and badgers he is rarely used for such purposes any longer. He is an inside dog and will live happily inside an apartment as long as you exercise him daily. If he gets bored from a lack of stimulation behavior problems will result. It is easy to forget that this dog is a tenacious terrier but he will remind you if necessary. 

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