Belgian Shepherd Malinois

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The Belgian Shepherd Malinois is a strikingly beautiful dog. He has enchanting almond shaped brown eyes and obvious intelligence. His ears are erect and their shape is perfectly triangular. His coat is very short but it is a double coat. His mask and pointed ears are almost always solid black but his body color can range from fawn to a deep mahogany. He carries a semi-short mane like a lion and he looks just as proud. He is a solid dog and surprisingly strong. His inherent intelligence makes him a very obedient dog that is eager to please. He is constantly observing his area and he has strong territorial instincts. With proper socialization he will make an excellent family pet!

The main key to creating a well-behaved Belgian Shepherd Malinois is socialization. He absolutely must be socialized constantly and correctly. His master must be dominant. To raise one of these dogs correctly you must be gentle, but firm and confident. Set consistent rules and stick to them. If you bend the rules he will see you as being weak and he will try to take charge just as all of the most intelligent dogs will. Even after plenty of socialization this dog will still be alert and watchful. They are alert and always loyal. If they are well socialized with children when they are puppies they will be very tolerant of children as they grow. This breed really needs to be part of the family unit and cannot be locked away in a kennel. 

You will need to keep this dog with you and keep him socialized throughout his lifetime. He needs a companion and he needs your leadership. If he is not receiving plenty of companionship and leadership he is very likely to display behavior problems. Behavior problems in this breed automatically lead to destruction of property. You can trust him to be alert and loyal as long as you spend the time with him that he needs. He desperately needs companionship, exercise and leadership to be happy.  An owner that can challenge him mentally and physically all of the time will have the best possible results.

He comprehends quickly with his high mentality, and he is a working dog.  They enjoy herding and it must be made very clear that people are not to be herded. He may display these behaviors instinctively and do things like circling and chasing. Make sure he understands that nipping at people’s heels is not an okay behavior when he is very young. He is a very demanding breed and you must be persistent enough to stay one step ahead of him.

Your Belgian Shepherd Malinois will grow to about 26 inches at the shoulder and should not weigh more than 65 pounds. He is a hardy breed and he is not likely to have any major health problems. Skin allergies have been noted and, because of his size, hip dysplasia is always a concern. You can expect to enjoy as much as 14 years of loyal and consistent companionship from him. He can live in an apartment as long as he gets plenty of exercise, but be aware that he sheds profusely about twice each year. 

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