Belgian Shepherd Tervuren

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The Belgian Shepherd Tervuren is certainly not to be confused with the Belgian Shepherd Malinois; they are very different looking dogs. The Belgian Shepherd Tervuren has a long elegant coat, in sharp contrast to the short coat of the Malinois. His coat is weather resistant and has a dense undercoat. The male of the breed has a longer, fuller mane around his neck than the females do. They can be found in colors such as fawn to deep mahogany and this includes many shades of gray with black tips. He may have white markings too, but they will fade as he ages. When it comes to behavior and temperament the Tervuren and Malinois are very much alike.

You will find the Belgian Shepherd Tervuren to be a very bright, observant and determined dog. Even when they are very well socialized they will show strong protective instincts. This breed will need a strong, experienced leader who can keep him in his place. He will need clear leadership with consistent rules that are not broken or even bent from time to time. If you bend a rule he will see you as weak and he will take over. Begin socialization from birth for a well-balanced pet. Without proper socialization from the very beginning you will end up with an overly shy or sensitive dog.

They love to work, and the more you work them the less likely it is that they will have behavioral problems. They make perfect police dogs and guard dogs. They love competitive activities and they enjoy making you happy. They make excellent pets for people who can challenge them mentally and physically. Again, if they are well socialized as puppies, they are good with children. They sometimes instinctively herd. You need to make it known that bad behavior is not acceptable. They need to be an active member of the family, and if they feel that they are being left out of family activities they will become very destructive. As long as they are properly socialized and obedience trained by a strong trainer they will present no problems and will be a valued member of the human pack.

The Belgian Shepherd Tervuren will grow to about 26 inches in height at the shoulder. When he is fully grown he can weigh as much as 75 pounds. He is a very hardy breed and there is only a small chance of genetic health problems, but they are susceptible to some things like epilepsy, hip dysplasia and some skin allergies. Be very cautious about his diet because if he becomes overweight you will intensify the likelihood of weight related health problems. As they age they will pack on the pounds if you allow them to and they will become lazy.

He will live happily in an apartment if he gets the exercise he needs. He prefers cooler temperatures but is able to adjust to other weather conditions. He is able to live outdoors but strongly prefers to be close to his human pack. His coat will require daily brushing. After brushing him go over his coat with a comb to ensure you have removed the mats that form quickly in his mane and back legs as well as on his belly. Do not let mats go untreated. He can be professionally groomed on occasion but he will still need to be brushed daily. He does shed a little at a time all year.

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