Bichon Frise

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The Bichon Frise is one of the hypo-allergenic dogs that everyone talks about. They are adorable little dogs with fluffy cotton coats. They are double coated and special care needs to be taken on a regular basis with this breed’s coat using a professional groomer. Most owners have them clipped to a puppy coat which is basically the same length all over but with a shaved muzzle and feet.

Almost any hairstyle you have seen on a poodle can be carried well by a Bichon. They are a sturdy little dog with well-developed bone structure. They can be found in a few different colors such as cream, gray and apricot but the most popular coat color is white. They have big black or very dark brown eyes that are set off by their light coat color. These little dogs are great show dogs and awesome family pets.

He has intelligence and spunk. He loves to play and he loves his human pack. You will find him to be very affectionate and gentle. He is loyal and easily trained as long as you start when they are very young; just like all dogs they need to be well socialized from a very young age to be friendly and even tempered. Unlike many small dogs this one is not much of a noise maker. They will bark to alert you of the presence of guests and intruders but they do not bark incessantly as some small dogs do. These dogs cannot be happy when people are not around. He needs your companionship as much as you are sure to enjoy theirs. The Bichon Frise is an extremely sociable, loving dog who wants nothing more than to be with his family.

They are competitive little dogs and they can become totally enthralled by a challenge. They enjoy having their minds and their bodies challenged and they have the stamina to meet these challenges. If he gets bored he will begin to display negative behaviors such as guarding, separation anxiety, barking, and snapping, but these are all human induced behaviors. All dogs will develop these problems if they are not properly taught and cared for. When he is grown he may be as tall as 12 inches at the shoulder but he should not weigh more than about 12 pounds. When raised correctly and properly cared for this hearty little dog will provide you with as many as 15 years of companionship.

As long as he can get enough exercise he can live quite well in an apartment or small home. They are usually very active indoors and can be fine without a yard to call their own. A brisk walk to the local dog park and some playful romping with canine friends will help to tire him. The grooming requirements for this breed can be costly. He will need to see a professional groomer about every six to eight weeks. Even at home between visits to the groomer you will need to invest time in brushing through his thick coat to keep it free of mats and debris. He does not shed much, if at all, which is why this dog is preferred for allergy sufferers.

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