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The Bloodhound is a very famous dog all over the world. He is muscular and powerful. The Bloodhound is a very large dog with diamond shaped, very deep set eyes that always look sad. He has very large drooping ears, and even when he is full grown he appears to not fill out all of his skin and it hangs in wrinkles. All of the wrinkles in his skin serve a very important purpose. The very long ears and skin help to pull all of the scents in toward his nose. He was bred to be a scent hound and he is always very good at his job. His fur is short and coarse. They can be found in red, black and tan, liver and tan and sometimes a tawny color and red. He is a very unique looking dog but he will steal your heart away.

The Bloodhound has a truly good heart. He is always mild-mannered and loves everyone all of the time. He is a noble breed that was specifically bred to hunt by scent and he is very dedicated to his job. He is always kind and patient. He loves children and you will find him to be both gentle and patient with them. He makes an excellent companion for the family, thriving on attention from his human pack but also doing well with other dogs and most house pets. When these dogs are outside they can be very boisterous when they are young and they can be very independent at the same time. He can be very difficult to train because he is so easily distracted. They will catch a scent, usually from something we cannot even detect and he will follow it for as many as a hundred miles!

Bloodhounds need calm, assertive and consistent training. If you plan to own a Bloodhound you will need tons of patience. He will look to you for guidance, only to catch a scent and be distracted. As training progresses and he gets older, some of the training may get easier but he will always be easily distracted. You will need to set very clear rules for him before you even bring him home. The rules must be followed to the letter. When you allow him to break the rules he will see you as weak and he will make every effort to take charge of things. They are fantastic dogs but they can be too distractible for obedience training. They can be more than a handful at times and he will try to test your patience repeatedly. Keep in mind that his attentiveness will grow as he ages.

The Bloodhound, just like any other dog, must be socialized well. Without proper socialization they may become very shy and fearful. This breed needs a daily walk. Any dog that lacks both mental and physical stimulation can be difficult to handle. This dog will be naturally protective of his human pack when there is danger, but for the most part, he will love everyone he meets. They become very attached to their owner and to their pack. Sometimes they will bark to let you know someone is around and sometimes they will not. They do not win awards for being a watchdog! The Bloodhound is more likely to drool on a guest than anything else. This is the only known breed that can track a scent that is more than one hundred hours old. They are used daily on a world-wide basis to track people who have evaded arrest, been kidnapped, and gotten lost in any terrain. People who have lost their own dogs can now hire a Bloodhound and a handler to come find their lost pet. The Bloodhound is the only breed whose evidence is admissible in a court room. One particular Bloodhound has been given credit for over 600 criminal convictions!

You can expect your Bloodhound to grow to approximately 27 inches at the shoulder and he can weigh a whopping 115 pounds. You can expect your bloodhound to be your faithful companion for as many as 14 years. Because he is a large breed you should be aware that he can suffer from hip dysplasia as other large dogs do. Due to his long ears you should also look out for ear infections. However, the number one ailment that can happen to this dog is a condition called bloat. Bloat happens when an animal’s stomach is full and the stomach flips causing the connection to his bowel to become tangled. It is strongly recommended that you feed a few smaller meals each day instead of one large meal.

Bloodhounds can do okay in an apartment as long as their need for exercise is met. They tend to do best with a large yard to run and play in but you cannot leave him unattended in the yard. If he catches a scent you may lose him as he follows the scent. Make sure the fence is very secure. Bloodhounds need a lot of exercise and they are able to walk for hours without taking a break. If you have a small space but you are in love with the Bloodhound you can consider getting a treadmill for him to walk on. While there is little doubt he would rather get all of his exercise from going on a long hike with you, a treadmill can be used as a substitute from time to time. While he is a puppy he will love to run around the yard but keep in mind that almost all of his energy is being used to grow and develop, so do not totally wear him out with exercise while he is young.

You will find the Bloodhound very easy to groom. His smooth, short coat only needs to be washed when necessary. You can pet him with a grooming glove to help pull loose hair out and even more when he is shedding. You will need to clean the folds in his skin often, and his ears will need to be cleaned regularly as well. He will also need his nails clipped on a regular basis too. Hounds do usually have a very distinct odor about them so you may want to invest in some cologne to use between baths.

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