Bluetick Coonhound

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If you want the best hunting dog available the Bluetick Coonhound may suit you. He has a very broad head and his eyes are large and usually dark brown. His ears are thin and are set very low on his head. His tail is normally held high and it tapers to a point at the end. He has a glossy coat that is short and dense and the most distinctive markings are on the heavily mottled body. The base coat appears to be blue with black spots on the back, ears and sides. His head and ears are mostly black but he can have tan markings and he has red ticking on his feet and lower legs. He is a very intelligent dog. He is very devoted to his human pack which makes him a good family dog. He is also a good watchdog and is best for families with older children.

The Bluetick Coonhound does need a firm owner and trainer. He needs to be well-socialized from a very young age and will do well with other dogs if he is raised like this. His prey drive and instincts will take over and he will literally drive most pets up a tree. These dogs are not easy to train because sights, sounds and scents will distract them easily. He is a passionate hunter but he needs a firm, calm, consistent owner. He should not be trusted with non-canine pets. He loves to work and once he is on a scent he is not likely to hear you calling him. He is very good at hunting in poor terrain and in bad weather.

You will find the Bluetick Coonhound to be very alert and attentive. You will want to keep him in a very safe place because he will chase a small animal or catch an interesting scent and be gone. His instinct to tree small animals is so strong that you will lose him if he is not kept on a lead. There are special trials held for the Bluetick Coonhounds in both the United States and Canada. They are special night trials that test the dog’s instincts, and points are awarded to the Bluetick’s ability to find, trail and tree raccoons. These trials can last up to three hours so the animal’s stamina is put to the test as well. Each Bluetick has a distinctive voice that his owner will be able to recognize. They do not have a regular bark but rather a bay cry or a short howl. He also has outstanding eyesight allowing him to track easily at night. They do hunt other animals such as fox, opossum and even cougar. When it comes to hunting the Bluetick is a true warrior.

He is certainly not recommended for apartment life. He will need at least a large yard where he can get some of his exercise. The yard will not be enough to wear him out and he will need something to stimulate his mind and body to keep him from getting bored. You can expect his full grown height to be about 27 inches at the shoulder. He will weigh as much as 80 pounds, and you can expect about 12 years or so of faithful companionship from him. Being large dogs they can get hip dysplasia. The breed also has some other health problems with cataracts and something called Krabbe’s disease. If you want to own a Bluetick you will need to be familiar with these potential health problems.

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