Border Collie

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If you want a very energetic medium sized dog you may want to take a look at the Border Collie. He has adorable oval eyes that are almost always brown. If you like the merle coat color you may find one with blue eyes. He has a weather resistant coat that is considered to be a double coat. This means that he has a long outer coat with a short dense undercoat. There are two different coat types, with one being a short and sleek one inch coat and the other a little longer and rough and that does not lie smoothly. You can find them in many different coat colors such as black and white, tri-color, yellow and white, sable, or red and white. These dogs were built for intelligence and have a strong work ethic.

The Border Collie makes it his business to be aware of his surroundings. They are extremely trainable. He will work very hard at any task he is given and he will thrive on praise from his human pack. Raised right and correctly socialized these dogs excel in all competitive sports. You will find them on agility courses, and at obedience trials and sheep herding trials, fly ball courses and Frisbee competitions. Farmers consider the Border Collie a dream come true. He has tremendous energy, so the biggest problem you will have is keeping him occupied and exercised. If he does not get enough exercise he will develop behavioral problems.

He will get along wonderfully with other dogs, and also children, but you will need to watch him with other dogs of the same sex as yours. This can be avoided with a lot of socialization and by you being the boss. He will want to please you and will do what you want him to as long as you are the alpha. They should not however, be trusted with small family pets because they will try to trap or herd them.

He will need rules that do not bend and a calm assertive trainer. His trainer must be consistent with him at all times. He will need extensive exercise on a daily basis as well as a job to do. You will need to be creative in finding ways to challenge his mind and his body. You will also need to be firm and consistent at all times. If he thinks you are weak he will try and dominate you. It is very important that you are this dog’s consistently firm, stable, and confident pack leader. If you lack confidence or if you do not want to spend a lot of time with your new dog, do not choose the Border Collie for your next pet. He will not be content just lying around the house all the time. Bored dogs cause trouble and have behavioral issues. You must make sure they know that herding people is unacceptable.

You can expect your Border Collie to grow to about 22 inches in height and about 45 pounds in weight. The Border Collie can have some health problems. Many of them can be avoided with plenty of exercise and a high quality diet but not all of them. They tend to have epilepsy, hip dysplasia and deafness. Some of them carry a very specific gene called MDRI that can make them more sensitive to certain medications. They may be medications that are fine for other breeds but may be fatal to the Border Collie. Your Border Collie will be an excellent family pet when he is properly trained and he will be with you for about 15 years.

This is not a breed that is recommended for apartment life. Even though they are quite active indoors they need plenty of room to run. He can be an escape artist and most kennels will not hold him. He absolutely cannot be chained and left in a back yard. He needs a job to do and it is up to you to put him to work.

He will need daily combing and brushing to keep his coat in top condition. You will need to do some additional work on his coat during shedding season. Bathe or dry shampoo when it is absolutely necessary. You will also want to check his ears and body often for ticks.

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