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If you want to own a truly unique looking dog you may want to consider the Borzoi. It is very similar in shape to the Greyhound, and close in size, but the Borzoi has more hair. His coat is long and silky and can be flat or wavy. He has a large black nose and dark eyes that are usually set off by a light colored coat. He can be found in black but they are more likely to be seen in tan, grey, white or golden mixed with black. They are truly a strikingly beautiful dog.

The Borzoi is a very sweet dog and has tremendous intelligence. They walk with pride and they are very loyal to their human pack. They are also very affectionate with people they know well. They are a little cat-like in the way they clean themselves. They are first and foremost a hound dog and most hounds are slightly aloof during training. They do best with a firm but calm and assertive trainer, need very clear rules, and they need to know who is boss. They rarely bark and are naturally quiet. They are very fast and can run very far without taking a break. They are sight hounds so they notice any movement. They are not territorial but they will take off in an instant after any kind of small animal, so if you have other pets in the house your dog will need to be well supervised around them. They have a strong prey drive and will chase cats, hamsters, gerbils and rabbits. If they are well socialized they can be taught to live with these small animals, but supervision is advised.

The Borzoi is a very noble dog and will get along well with children as long as they are introduced to them early in life. He will not take to rough housing very well so the children must be taught to respect the dog. While they grow they need a really nutritious diet. You can expect your Borzoi to reach approximately 28 to 30 inches tall and he can weigh between 90 and 100 pounds at full size. The Borzoi is prone to bloat which is a condition that involves the stomach turning inside the dog’s abdomen and can be fatal. It is highly recommended that they eat several small meals instead of one large meal each day. They can sometimes be sensitive to medications that are otherwise okay for dogs. You can expect him to be your faithful companion for about 12 years.
If they get plenty of exercise they can do well in an apartment. Inside they are inactive and peaceful but they still need a ton of exercise. He will enjoy a medium to large yard where he can romp around and burn off some of his energy. He will chase small animals so make sure the yard is secure. In addition to running in a yard chasing a ball they will need a long walk at least once each day. If you are a jogger or runner he will be right by your side the entire time! He will also enjoy running beside you while you ride a bike.

His long silky coat is going to need to be brushed regularly to make sure his coat and skin stay healthy. He is not likely to need a bath very often but the hair around his feet and between his toes should be trimmed off on occasion to keep it from getting too long. The hair on his feet, behind his ears and on his back legs is where you will find the matting, if he has any, so be sure to check those areas often. He is a heavy shedder, but only seasonally.

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