Boston Terrier

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The short stocky Boston Terrier is smaller, but he is related to the bulldog. They have captivating, large dark eyes. His ears are erect. His coat is most commonly seen in black and white but they can be found in brindle and white or brown and white. This is a very solid little dog with much to offer the right person or family. Always alert and extremely intelligent, the Boston Terrier is always enthusiastic about toys and his human family. They do need to exercise just like any other dog and without it they can become high strung and very rambunctious.

The Boston Terrier is a very gentle dog. He is well mannered and easy to train. They are very sensitive to the human voice and you can hurt their feelings with nothing more than harsh words. They pick up on lessons very quickly and you should use a harsh tone of voice very sparingly. If he is treated like a human baby he will think of himself as a baby human. He is a dog and you must maintain control, but with gentle persuasion. While they may possibly bark at someone at the door you cannot rely on them to be a watchdog. They are one of the most reliable dogs to have around children and the elderly as long as they are well socialized with many different people when they are young. He will want to be a part of the family and not secluded from family times. They may give you some difficulty with housebreaking but patience is necessary.

You can expect your Boston Terrier to reach approximately 17 inches in height and he should not weigh more than 25 pounds when he is full grown. Be careful when feeding him because he will easily become overweight. The breed in general is prone to eye problems such as cataracts, glaucoma, corneal ulcers, and his eyes are prone to injury. Special care must be taken when handling these little dogs because the eyes tend to bulge. Almost all flat nosed dogs have some difficulty breathing and do not do well with excessive heat. Another interesting fact about this breed is that as puppies are born with such big heads they usually need to be born by cesarean section in a veterinary hospital.

The Boston Terrier is a great apartment dog but will also do very well in the country. They are not particularly active in the house and will need some outside play. He is sensitive to weather extremes so, with that in mind, he should have long daily walks. Skip the walks on days that are very cold or very hot. You can expect your healthy Boston Terrier to live about 15 years or more.

His smooth short coat is very easy to groom. Firm bristles are enough to remove any dead hair and keep his coat very shiny. Bathe only when it is necessary. You should wipe the face daily with a soft cloth to clean out any debris that may be caught in the folds of skin. His nails will need to be clipped regularly. He is an average shedder when the seasons change.

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