How to treat a pet Labrador Retriever – facts you need to know!

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How to treat a pet Labrador Retriever – facts you need to know!

Today the Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world! Since 1991 Labradors have been the No. 1 pet all over the USA.

Labradors are well-loved because they make excellent family dogs and are very intelligent – the Labrador Retriever is also one of the best working breeds, so a Labrador will often join the police or act as a guide dog.

If you consider adding a Lab to your family – or if you already have one – you have to learn how to treat your pet so that both you and the dog will be happy:

Grooming – Labrador Retrievers have short coats, but they still shed. It would be a good idea to brush your dog’s hair at least once a week – this way the excess hair would end on your brush instead on the floor, and the Labrador’s skin would be more healthy.

Bathing is also a good idea, especially since Labradors love the water – so there shouldn’t be problem to keep your Labrador clean and fresh-smelling.

Chewing – it is imperative to get a chew toy for your Labrador. Retrievers love to chew things – this is called “oral fixation”. Naturally, it would also be a good idea to pick chew-proof stuff for your Lab. And if you are raising a puppy, it is imperative to monitor what the pup puts in its mouth – growing Labradors will chew on anything, even if it is dangerous.

Appetite – Labrador Retrievers have a healthy appetite. Those dogs would never refuse a treat, and some Labs are known to grab food from the hands of their owners! You must control your Labrador’s diet, since Labs are prone to gaining weight, and that is very dangerous.

Socialization – Labradors are usually very sociable dogs. However, they can be a little hesitant when introduced to strangers, so if you are raising a puppy, it would be a good idea to take it to many new places. This way the puppy would get used to new sights. However, since Labradors are generally friendly, they don’t always make good watchdogs – much depends on the dog’s individual character. Still, most Labrador Retrievers would bark if something unusual was happening around the house.

Exercise – it is important to exercise your Labrador. Labs are strong, lean dogs, and have to be kept in good shape – otherwise they may suffer from obesity. However, exercising a Lab is usually quite fun, since Labradors enjoy most dog games – agility, flyball, and the crowned champion of dog games – fetch!

Swimming – almost every Labrador loves to swim or to play in the water. The breed was originally used for catching fishermen’s nets. A Labrador would be the perfect companion for a little quality time on the beach or for a boat trip. However, it is important to monitor the Lab’s ears – Labradors that swim often are prone to ear infections that have to be treated.

Loneliness – last but not least, be warned that a Labrador will truly love you. This means that Labradors are easily affected by so-called “separation anxiety”. Labradors are social animals and get very attached to their owners. So, if you leave a Labrador alone or unattended for prolonged periods of time, the dog will become sad and you may experience some behavior problems.

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