Japanese dog breeds - Kishu Ken, the non-barker

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If you are looking for a quiet dog, then this Japanese breed is the answer.

Kishu dogs are extremely rare outside of Japan. Actually, there are only two breeders outside of this island country – one in the Netherlands, and one in Texas. The breed is known as Kishu, Kishu Ken or Kishu Inu – Ken and Inu being Japanese words for “dog”.

Kishu are one of the ancient Japanese breeds – those dogs could really boast about a millennial history! Today Kishu dogs are favored and lovable home companions, but don’t be fooled – they were one used for hunting boars! Owning a Kishu Ken is a great honor – and a responsibility.

The Kishu are medium-sized dogs with distinctive white coloring (although red coats are known to occur).  Kishu are powerful dogs and good stalkers. They do well with other dogs, and get used to cats if they are socialized at an early age. However, Kishu Ken dogs shouldn’t be trusted with smaller pets (hamsters, guinea pigs and so on). Kishu dogs have a strong hunting instinct and are known to climb trees when in pursuit!

Kishu Ken dogs are quite energetic, so it would be a good idea to find some occupation for such a dog. Long daily walks are a must. Kishu Ken would be best suited for a yard – preferably a fenced one. However, unlike other Japanese dog breeds, Kishu Ken socialize well – they can be reserved with strangers, but you shouldn’t fear any aggressive behavior.

Actually, Kishu Ken have many qualities that make them ideal pets – they are very clean and easily housebroken. Their most important advantage is that they are very quiet, so the neighbors will have no reason to complain. And like all Japanese breeds, Kishu dogs are very loyal and intelligent.

However, a Kishu Ken is not a dog for everyone. Training is essential – you have to make sure that the dog recognizes you as the leader. If you cannot assert your authority, you will face serious behavior problems. You have to be calm, but firm. Walks are important, since you have to make sure you are leading the dog, and not vice versa – a Kishu Ken that walks in front of you will believe it is the leader of the pack!

A properly trained Kishu Ken is very good with children, even though they do not like to be teased or toyed with. If you believe you could handle a Kishu Ken and cater to the dog’s exercise needs, they you may have found an ideal family pet!

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