The Akita

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The Akita is another of the most misunderstood breeds; much like the American Pit bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire terrier and the Doberman pinscher. All of these dogs make great pets with the proper socialization and training. These dogs were originally bred to be protective and loyal. If they are not properly socialized they will not feel comfortable around other people, kids or animals. The Akita, like the other breeds mentioned, thrives on companionship and they need to be around people, animals and children from about 6 weeks of age so they don’t fear them. A well socialized and well trained Akita makes an excellent, protective and loyal pet. 

Your Akita will enjoy plenty of exercise time and would especially appreciate pleasing you by working on agility or any of the other dog sports, and also their obedience training. They are a quick study but they require a firm, experienced trainer. These are very strong dogs, intelligent and dominant when given the chance. They can be very independent at times, but they cherish the time they get to spend with their family. He will also require extra time in the grooming department. They have a gorgeous coat that is short to medium in length but is double coated. This means that they have an abundance of undercoat that must be brushed often. 

The Akita does very well in cooler climates because of the thick double coat they sport. They tend to have a large bear-like head, erect ears and deep set triangular eyes. At maturity you can expect your Akita to weigh in at about 80 to 130 pounds. There are many different coat colors to choose from. You can expect your Akita to possess a great combination of alertness, courage and they are very affectionate and loving with their families. You will likely notice many cat-like features in this breed. Additionally, anyone considered an outsider may not go over well with him unless he is properly socialized from a very young age. 

The Akita is not generally recommended for first time owners because they require a firm handed trainer who knows how to handle them. They can take charge with an inexperienced trainer. The Akita is a large and powerful animal and they like to be independent and dominant. Some areas have tagged them as a dangerous breed and you will want to be sure your area is not one of them. When socialized properly they are aloof and calm during new experiences and they have a special connection with children. 

The Akita is susceptible to hip dysplasia and other large breed conditions but beware of immune sensitivity to vaccines, drugs, tranquilizers, insecticides and anesthetics. 

The Akita makes an excellent companion pet even to the point of doing work as a therapy or service dog. When properly socialized, these dogs love people and other animals. The work of a good solid trainer is imperative to their ability to cohabitate with both people and animals. They also have a strong prey drive that will need to be addressed in training.

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