The Unique Labrador retrievers - Red Labradors!

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Any amateur knows that Labradors come in three colors: black, brown (chocolate) and yellow (gold). However, there are dogs that are called “Red Labradors”! How come?
Well, it turns out that the so-called “fox red” coat is a variation of a regular Golden retriever’s coat. However, the yellow coat can come in different shades, and when the hair is darker, they sometimes reach the red gamma. A Red Labrador might look a lot like a Yellow Labrador with a darker coat – but a Red Labrador might also be pure red and quite easily distinguished.

According to history, the first Yellow Labradors had darker coats than the modern Golden Retrievers – all Yellow Retrievers were dark yellow (hence – Golden retriever). Until the 50s, dark yellow was the norm, but after that lighter Labradors became “fashionable”. Still, some breeders tried to revive the dark yellow on Labrador bloodlines, and Red Labradors were the result.

The first modern Red Labrador had the proud name of Wynfaul Tabasco. That dog was not only a show champion, but later on became the “father” of Red Labradors.

However, Red Labradors today are still quite rare. There is no reliable technique to produce a fox red litter, though mating a fox red to a fox red sometimes works. Still, if you wish to obtain a Red Labrador, there are specialized breeders who would be able to help you, though you’d probably have to search for them online. But do not let them swindle you – Red Labradors are rare, but the price shouldn’t really be much higher than that of a regular Labrador Retriever!

The good news for people owning a Red Labrador is that you can still enter him in dog competitions and shows, though there is no breed recognized officially as “Red Labrador”. A Red Labrador would be registered as a regular Yellow Labrador Retriever.

That might be a little demeaning, since a Red Labrador is quite a unique sight and has nothing to do with the modern Golden retriever. However, there is always hope that the breed will be further developed and that stylish red will be recognized as an official color!

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