Dog shedding

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Bonding with a dog is a great experience; a canine companion can make all the difference in one’s life!

However, with many dog breeds one of the major differences is that you have to spend more and more time in cleaning dog hair off your furniture.

Dog shedding can be quite frustrating. Of course, you can’t be angry with your pooch for shedding – all dogs shed! There are dog breeds which supposedly don’t shed, but in truth they also shed, but minimally.

Dog shedding usually occurs in the spring, though some dead hair is shed all year round. Sometimes cleaning up after the dog can be quite frustrating – but there are means to minimize dog shedding!

1. Shave the dog bald

OK, OK, we are kidding! Some people do shave their dogs though, especially if the pooch has fleas too. However, a part of the dog’s magic is lost along with its shiny coat!

2. Brush the dog

Dog grooming can be quite a pleasant experience for all parties involved. When your dog’s coat appears very messy, then you definitely need to take action. However, it is best if you brush the dog daily. This way you’ll keep your dog as elegant as ever, and you will also minimize dog shedding!

You need to make a professional job of it though, and obtain all the necessary equipment for an amateur pet stylist!

3. Diet

A healthy diet means a healthy dog, and a healthy dog has a healthy coat! Dogs often shed dead hair, but if the dog is fed on high quality dog food, then its hair will be less likely to fall out.

In addition, you could ask your vet to recommend you some supplements that are good for a dog’s coat – for instance, olive oil is considered a good natural supplement.

4. Allergies and skin problems

If your dog has some sort of allergy, it is very likely to scratch and allow excess hair to fly all over the house. Same goes for different skin conditions, or if the dog has fleas. If your dog scratches often, take it to the vet and address the problem.

5. Bathing

Bathing your dog with a quality shampoo will strengthen the hair, and a cleaner dog will also scratch less. You need to use a dog shampoo of course – there are plenty of shed-specific dog shampoos on the market.

Also, you need to consider how you dry the dog after the bath. If you heat dry the dog it can cause shedding. Try using a towel instead.

6. Excess shedding

You must notice when your dog sheds more than usual. Most dogs shed excessively in the spring, or on a regular yearly basis. However, if your dog starts to shed more than usual at an unusual time, then the dog might be sick – excessive shedding could just be a symptom of a serious problem.

7. Stay calm

Last but not least – always be calm, even if the whole room seems flooded with dog hair. If you love your dog, then you have to learn to cope with shedding one way or another. After all, you can’t kick your beloved companion out of the house, can you?

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