More Strange Behavior From Fido

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Some breeds of dogs drool much of the time. Most dogs will drool when you are grilling steaks; this is perfectly normal. If you have a dog that does not usually drool on an average day, or if his drooling increases, there may be other causes to be aware of. There are several things that can cause excessive drooling that you may need the experience of a veterinarian to find out about. He may be ill and need the veterinarian’s attention, but first you should rule out some of the more common reasons. He could be having a reaction to his environment due to allergies or even smog. A dog with anxiety issues may drool more than usual and that is usually accompanied by chewing or hiding. If you notice a sudden increase in drooling from your pup go ahead and have him checked out by your veterinarian just to stay on the safe side.

Have you ever seen your dog stiffen his body and make a rather loud snorting sound? If you have it is very likely that you have witnessed what is known as a reverse sneeze. This can be identified by your dog stretching out his neck, stiffening his body and his eyes perhaps seeming to bulge out. This can be a scary event but it is most often not a problem and he will likely stop on his own after one, two or three sneezes. If your dog does this too often, and it concerns you, have him checked for causes like an allergy to pollen or mites, a foreign body stuck in his throat, or even an infection. If he is doing this every day he is doing it too often, but if it is occasional he is probably just fine.

On occasion you will find a dog that seems to have a phobia about loud noises. If he was properly socialized as a pup most noises will not bother him but some dogs just seem to instinctively develop a fear. If you consider how keen a dog’s hearing is it may be a noise so loud that it is hurting his ears. A dog can hear a thunderstorm up to seventy-five miles away. When a clap of loud thunder is very close his ears may hurt and he may become fearful. Some other noises that may spark a phobia in dogs may be gunshots; certainly not what you want in a hunting dog. Sirens may be a problem too. These phobias can be quite severe and very difficult to overcome. You can try involving your dog in something fun until the thunder subsides, or maybe playing tug of war to keep his mind busy. If his reaction is severe and you can not distract him at all it is time to seek a professional trainer or to speak with your veterinarian.

Over time you are certainly going to notice your dog doing things you may not understand. Sometimes it is a signal to you that something is wrong, but most often it is something that his instincts drive him to do. You can tell if he is becoming really distressed or if he is obsessive about one or two of his habits. Your veterinarian can always give the best advice to help you understand his behavior and to rule out something physical.

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