Still More Things You May Wonder About Your Dog

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There are dogs that cannot seem to walk more than a few steps at a time and lick their paws every time they sit or lie down. Done only on occasion this is a habit of cleanliness that is built in to their routine. Sometimes it is a symptom of something bigger going on. Paw licking can become a compulsive behavior and it can cause medical problems if it is left unattended. If your dog gets to the point of licking his paws so much that his feet are losing hair, his paws become discolored or even develop open sores, then you know you have a problem that requires treatment. Most likely your dog has a yeast infection in his feet, or it can be caused by allergies. Other times it is simply a compulsion that they have due to stress or anxiety. Here again you will want to consult your veterinarian to get to the root of the problem.

It is very likely that you have seen this in a cat, but have you seen glow-in-the-dark eyes on your dog? Since the structure of their eyes differs from that of a human the glowing you see is perfectly natural. Dogs have an extra layer of tissue over their eyes that can sometimes reflect light back into the retina. This extra layer helps to protect his eyes from debris but it is also what helps him to have very keen night vision.

Okay, so your favorite four legged friend is sleeping on your bed or just next to it on the floor in his own bed. He is all curled up with his eyes shut and his paws are twitching. If you are quiet and you watch him you will hear a slight whine or whimper. Sometimes his legs start moving like he is running. Yes, you are right; dogs do dream. Humans are known to dream during “rapid eye movement” when we are sleeping deeply. Dogs are no different. Tests on canine brain waves have concluded that they are dreaming. This is nothing to worry about but be aware that some dogs will jump and try to run during a dream because they have had a dream about something that has frightened them. Most often they are dreaming of chasing the ball when you take them to the park or they are dreaming about swimming if that is something you do with your dog. These dreams are harmless. The scientists that conducted this study have not found a way to know if dogs remember their dreams.

There are so many reasons to thoroughly investigate the breed of dog you are getting or to be sure you have plenty of knowledge about the predominant mix, but one thing that can drive you crazy is a dog that was bred to herd which has nothing that needs to be herded. A dog who herds is one that enjoys his work and they have such a natural ability to herd things that he is likely to move things around and collect things. They do not like chaos and in most circumstances they will simply not tolerate a chaotic home. Your herding dog without work to do will begin to herd children, livestock, shoes, books, toys and anything else he can group together. A herding dog will move things by any means necessary including nipping at his target if it is not being cooperative. He is likely to run circles around your children and even nip at them to keep them together and organized!

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