Who let the dogs onto the bed? Should dogs sleep on the bed?

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Who doesn’t like to sleep with a dog on the bed?

Well, actually, a lot of people do not enjoy the company of a canine – no matter how cute they are, things can get a little smelly.

However, the important question is: SHOULD you let the dog sleep on the bed? There are two viewpoints, each with viable arguments.

Dogs must sleep on the floor

There are two reasons you should not allow a canine onto the bed.

First off, we have the health issues. There is a thing called zoonotic disease – well, truth be told, there are a whole lot of them. These are diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans. Now, it is extremely rare for people to catch a disease from a well-groomed pet dog, but it is known to happen – and the chances increase drastically if you share a bed with said dog.

The main threat comes from whatever bugs and dirt the dog has picked up during its regular walks. Of course, if you monitor the dog and bathe it regularly, there is a high chance that the dog will not pose a danger to your health.

The second problem in letting the dog on the bed is connected with dominance.

Every dog trainer knows how important it is to have the dog know who the leader of the pack is – tip: this should be you! However, letting the dog share your bed will send mixed signals to the pooch. It is never a good idea to let a dog believe it is your boss. First off, such dogs become unmanageable and often try to show dominance over YOU! Secondly, misled dogs, especially young ones, can get completely stressed out – being the leader of a pack of humans is a huge responsibility!

Having a dog on the bed is wonderful!

Still, there is another line of thought – sleeping with a dog on the bed makes many people happy. Ultimately, sometimes that is more important than being overcautious.

Actually, keeping a dog close to you has a lot of hidden health benefits. Dogs reduce stress levels and keep the blood pressure within the norms.

The verdict

Well, there are some very serious arguments about keeping the dog off the bed.

However, the final decision’s up to you! If letting the dog sleep with you makes both you and the canine happy, then go ahead.
However, take some precautions.

Keep the dog clean; have it vaccinated; groom it regularly; always check it for ticks and other parasites after a walk; etc. And make sure that you show your dominance in the pack via other means, otherwise there might come a time when the dog will be pondering whether to let you into your own bed!

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