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The Bolognese is a small, compact little dog. He is stocky and sports an all-white coat that is fluffy and long. His eyes are dark and his little black nose is set off perfectly by his sharp white coat. His ears are set high on his head and they are long. His long white hair covers his entire body but it is shorter on his muzzle. The Bolognese is a cousin to the Bichon Frise. He resembles his cousin in many ways but they are a very distinct breed on their own. Like the Bichon he is a tough, tenacious terrier, so if not raised properly will suffer from small dog syndrome and present you with behavioral problems.

He is not a super high energy dog - in contrast they are very serious little dogs. He is a little more on the shy side than his cousin. He does enjoy his owner but do not let that beautiful little face fool you. This dog will take extensive socialization from the very start. Socialize him with people and other dogs throughout his puppyhood so he does not become shy or fearful and he will be a great family pet. He is very responsive to training. He is alert and he will catch on to obedience training very quickly. He will develop a close bond with his main person as long as that person is calm, firm and assertive when handling the dog. He will be happy, vivacious and playful if he has no fear. He does need rules to follow and someone to guide him through them. His owner must be confident.

He is a very versatile little dog and he will be happy and playful outside, but quiet and content inside. You may want to allow him exposure to all kinds of noises as you socialize him or he may be an incessant barker as he grows. He gets so attached to his owner that he may suffer from separation anxiety if he does not have very clear rules. He is perfectly content being a follower as long as he has a strong leader. If he does not have a strong leader, one who treats him like a dog rather than a human baby, behavior problems will arise. The Bolognese is not recommended for small children but usually does very well with older kids who can assist with the required daily walks.

The Bolognese is not likely to exceed 12 inches in height and should not weigh more than 10 pounds. Make sure they do not become overweight. When kept healthy they can live as long as 14 years. They are a very healthy breed and they have no known health issues. He is a great selection for apartment dwellers and can do fine without a yard as long as he gets enough exercise. Any dog that does not get enough exercise is a dog that will have behavior problems. His coat will require daily combing and monthly trips to the groomer but he sheds little to no hair at all.

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