Dog Fighting - A Fun Fun Sport Of Blood And Violence!

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Sort of ironic here. Dog fighting is not fun – but there is plenty of blood and violence.

You may be surprised by two facts – how old a tradition dog fighting is, and how often it is practiced in modern days.

Dog fighting is referred to as a “sport” – that is true. It is a blood sport dating to times since before the birth of Christ. It was a common practice among aristocrats, and later reached its peak around the 16th century. Many dog breeds are developed especially for fighting.

One might think that there is a reason to keep this “sport” running for such a long time. Sort of a tradition, eh? Using the same logic the government should restore the glorious tradition of human sacrifice I guess, or else the sun may not rise!

Modern dog fighting is no less cruel than it was several centuries ago. Two dogs are put in a ring and tear each other apart. The loser often dies – sometimes his loving owner finishes up the job with a shovel or something. The victor is usually in no better condition. This dog will not be taken to a veterinary of course – not to a legal one anyway.

In the USA, pit bulls are the best breed for dog fighting. One might say that these dogs are violent and get their just deserts. Yet, genes aren’t everything. Fighting dogs are a result of training – much as humans are a result of their upbringing. It is a proven fact that a pit bull raised with love and care can become a loving companion dog.

Yet, many pit bulls are raised for fighting – and it is a common belief that the more a dog suffers, the better fighter it will become. The training process of a fighting dog is usually cruel and inhumane, and that has remained unchanged since the times of Jack London.

Every fighting dog has a legacy of “baits”. A bait animal is taken in with the sole purpose of testing a fighting dog’s aggression. Smaller dogs, cats, wild animals… These animals are often killed by the rampaging fighting dog. Bait animals are often other people’s pets that have been stolen, or animals obtained through “free to a good home” ads.

Sometimes a dog that could put up an actual fight is introduced to the fighting dog. To avoid the risk of any mishaps though, the claws and teeth of the bait dog are usually removed – all in the name of sportsmanship!

Dog fighting is wide spread. In many countries it is banned by law, but thrives underground. In the USA alone it is estimated that there are about 40,000 dog fighters – and this is probably an underestimated figure. In Russia dog fighting is even more common.

And you know what the worst part is? Dog fighting could affect your life as well. Dog fights are social events – they gather in one place drug dealers, gamblers, prostitutes, gangs and plain old thugs. You could say that crime rates blossom…

Dog fighting is just a beginning. It is cruel, it is violent, and it is bloody.

But scarier still are the feelings that it incites in the souls of the people that watch it.

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