Dognapping - your dog is in danger!

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You may have heard of the increasing rate of dog-napping. Since 2001, more than 500,000 dogs have been stolen in the USA alone!

This is hardly surprising. Criminal minds will stop at nothing, and if you love your dog you will pay up handsomely. A pedigree dog could demand thousands of dollars in ransom. Yes, this is the sad truth – your dog might be held with ransom demands! That is hardly an original idea, with dognappings dating back to the 1930s.

If you are not rich in cash you might believe that your dog is safe – after all, who would steal a mixed-breed mutt?

However, that is not the case. There are a lot of low-profile thieves, who follow the old saying “a saved penny makes them many.” This means that there are people out there who will take away your dog so that they can return it for a $50 reward! You wouldn’t even know that you have been violated and your companion – stolen. Dognappers could just take a walk around the city, looking for a dog tied outside a shop. Then they take away the dog – but what happens if the dog has no collar on, or if the dognapper never sees your “Missing dog!” posters?

Sometimes a dog is stolen for sinister purposes. Have you ever heard of dog fighting? Well, your dog might not be a potential fighter, but it could be used in this illegal perversion. Fighting dog owners sometimes want to test if their pooch is blood-thirsty enough – so they steal someone’s dog and use it as a “bait dog”! There is no need to tell you that bait dogs are not ransomed, and are never seen again.

So, Cruella De Vil of “101 Dalmatians” might be a fictional character in a children’s book – but there are De Vils walking the streets. So be vigilant, and always watch your dog. Being alert is the safest precaution. Of course, you could try dog-tracking collars, but alas – chances are high that dognappers are also aware of them…

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