Hitchhiking with a dog – is it possible?

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Many people believe that hitchhiking depends mainly on the impression made on passing-by drivers – hence in every movie there is, the first thing a hitchhiking group does is to put the female with the longest legs upfront.

Generally, a dog would be considered a problem – after all, if hitching a ride for oneself is hard, then hitching a ride with a canine trailing behind should be nearly impossible!

However, that is not the case.

Truth is, that whether you get picked up or not depends on a couple of factors – but mainly on the driver’s general disposition towards hitchhiking. Some people would always consider giving a ride to a total stranger, while others would be aghast at the idea.

Same goes for hitching a ride with a dog. Drivers either refuse to consider the idea of allowing a dog in their car – or enthusiastically urge you in and talk about dog-stuff with you! After all, there are dog-lovers all over the country!

In fact, many people claim that their dog gets them rides!

Hitchhiker dog training 

Still, hitchhiking with a dog still requires some preparation. Even the fondest dog-lover would hesitate to let you in if Fido is barking and snarling at him.

Toilet training is the most important – do not poop the car of the driver who gives you a lift!

Putting the dog on a feeding schedule would help you achieve this goal. It would be wise to test how the dog reacts to a change in the feeding regime while safely at home.

Also, the dog should be trained not to fear cars – many dogs react badly to the sound of a motor running. Keep in mind that even if you get the dog used to your car, an “unknown” car might still scare it off.

Ideally, you would have the opportunity to get the dog used to hitchhiking while it is still young enough – this will ensure problem-free travel for years to come!

Also, prepare the dog for unusual situations – for instance, having to share the backseat with an unknown dog, or another animal altogether! Properly socialized dogs are the best hitchhikers.


Proper preparation for a hitchhiking journey is vital.

Make sure you have all of the dog’s documents – if you are traveling abroad, check if any additional documents are required!
It is important to vaccinate your dog, and to have flea and heartworm preventatives.

Be warned! 

Hitting the road with your best friend is a great experience – but also a huge responsibility.

You must keep your wits, for you have a dog to take care of – you can’t go to a foreign country, get wasted, and wonder what happened to your friend only after you come to your senses.

You must be constantly on the alert; you have to keep the dog fed and watered, and in fact, you must monitor the dog at any single moment!

And most importantly – only take your dog hitchhiking if you are certain that the dog will enjoy the experience as much as you. Some dogs just ain’t cut out for life on the road!

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