How to sell your dog…

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Well, it happens.

Dogs are a man’s best friend, but sometimes fate just forces one’s hand, and Fido needs to go.

So, here’s what to think about when selling a dog:

1. Do you really need to sell the dog?

Make sure you are making the right choice. People often sell their dogs because they believe they don’t have an alternative – while in fact there are usually more than enough options to fix any problem!

Behavior problems are fixed through training, housing prohibitions can sometimes be circumvented, and even dog allergies can be controlled!

If you are certain that you can no longer live with your dog then please read on!

2. Try with a friend

If you are not after the profit, selling or gifting the dog to a friend looking for a canine companion is the easiest solution. This way you are sure that the dog is going to a good home, and the whole business is wrapped up pretty quickly.

3. Flyers

Try selling the dog in the neighborhood. Again, this is the best solution if you are not after the best price, but rather wish to find a good home for Fido with minimal fuss. You may even say “Hi” on the street!

4. Newspaper

The next logical step is to post an ad in your local newspaper. Nowadays most newspapers have websites, so a simple search should be sufficient to get you acquainted with what you need to do. If you live in the USA, then you can find your local newspaper’s contact details on the website.

5. Internet

Of course, if conventional means don’t work, you can always put an ad on the net. There are websites which specialize in selling dogs.

However, offering your dog to a broader public has its risks. You must be certain that the dog is going to a good home!

6. What information to put in ads and flyers?

“I am selling a dog” just won’t do. You need to write down the dog’s breed, age, gender, and always include a picture.

Most importantly though, you need to tell potential buyers WHY you are selling your dog. Any person who happens to find a dog selling ad will be plagued by suspicions that said dog is a Dennis the Menace in disguise – or even a vicious wolf!

7. Appearance is important

Many buyers will want to see the dog before they buy it – and you will want to interview them too! Such interviews are best conducted in your home, so you should make sure that potential buyers will see a clean house, with a well groomed, calm dog ready to attend.

8. Whom to sell to?

You CAN’T just sell the dog the first person that appears on your doorstep. You need to check whom you are selling the dog to!

There are countless ways for a dog to suffer out there – owners of fighting dogs will be looking for other dogs to use as “baits”, vivisectionists will be looking for animals to dissect…

You need to interview potential buyers, and to make sure you have found a suitable home for your canine buddy! It is also a good idea to use questions that would make the potential buyer consider whether he or she is ready to own a dog – you don’t want to sell the dog to someone who’d kick it out on the street in less than a month!

9. The parting

Parting from the dog might be hard for you, but it will probably be harder still for the dog. Make sure the dog is well fed and calm before taking it to its new home. Make sure you pass on all the dog’s documents. Also, sell or gift some of the dog’s old stuff to the new owners – any dog will feel much more comfortable if it can at least sleep in its familiar bed, and play with its favorite toys.

And do find time to play with the dog one last time… that will mean a lot!

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