Your Dog Needs a Job

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If there is only one thing you know before you bring a dog home please know this; a bored dog is a problem dog. Bored dogs destroy things and wreak havoc on your house and your belongings. He or she chews up everything in sight and this can include your door frames, your couch, your carpets and anything else they can find. On the other hand a well exercised dog is a happy, healthy nondestructive dog. It is up to you to make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise, so give him “jobs” to do. Jobs differ from plain old exercise because they require both mental and physical energy from the dog.  You will be decreasing stress as you enrich his mind and you will both benefit because he will stop tearing up your things. 

Dog jobs should be interesting and fun in order to hold your dog’s attention. Select the ones you like best because if you like it you are more likely to keep doing it! Try many different things until you find the ones that you and your dog like the best. Switch them around from time to time so he will not know what is coming next. You can add other activities or you can change the order of the jobs to keep him on his toes. 

You can simply play “fetch” with him or you can make it much more interesting by teaching him to save one of his toys from the water. Saving his favorite toy from the water incorporates running, swimming and fetching all in one. Give regular things a little more thought; for instance, instead of just walking him around the block try going on a nature walk with him. Change the way you go and explore a different place with different smells, sights and sounds. You may meet more of your neighbors and find some interesting things yourself! 

Try to provide the toys that offer a challenge, like the ones that hold treats, but need to be turned before a treat will come out. These are balls or cubes that have holes just big enough for the treats to come out as he plays with it. The Kong is a virtually indestructible toy that has a hole in the middle where you can put peanut butter or cheese for the dog to work his way out. There are many different sizes of Kong toys available for every size of dog. If you work outside the home these toys are wonderful to keep him occupied. There are many different kinds of toys that will make your dog think and they are well worth the small investment. Ask your local retailer about puzzle toys and Kong toys. While you are there look for other toys that are interesting for him to chew on. If he’s busy chewing on the new toys he will not be chewing on your home and all your things. 

You can also have your dog hunt for his treats. Hide things around the house for him to find and encourage him at first and before you know it he will be busy searching everywhere for hidden things. If you have a very high energy dog you may want to consider any of the many dog sports available. You can choose from agility, flyball or even freestyle dancing.

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