The best dog breeds to take on a boat!

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Boating with man’s best friend – what a great idea! The company of a loyal canine is just the thing to complete a perfect day out on the open water! Furthermore, true boat dogs can also be very helpful by retrieving dinghies or other equipment which has fallen overboard, fetching supplies and gear and bringing it to you, and of course – dogs are famous for saving their owners when disaster strikes!

However, if you are already the proud owner of a boat, but still haven’t found the canine that would enjoy it, here is a list of dog breeds that just love boating:

1. Labrador

Labradors, especially Golden Retrievers, have water-resistant coats that make them excellent boat dogs. After all, their origin lies in Newfoundland – an island!

Labradors love swimming; they are also very intelligent and trainable. Furthermore, Labs make the perfect pet, and they are one of the top dog breeds around the world.

2. Newfoundland

A close relative to the Labrador, the huge Newfoundland is known as a life-saver for drowning humans. The seafaring equivalent of a Saint Bernard!

3. Portuguese water dog

The breed favored by the President of the USA! Portuguese water dogs are known to have hypoallergenic coats. As the name suggests, said coats also make these dogs excellent swimmers.
Portuguese water dogs were originally used by fishermen as help on their boats – at sea! This makes them proficient and resilient swimmers, and a trained Water dog is able to respond to many commands.

4. Beagle

Ever excited, beagles make great boating dogs. Beagles are hounds, originally bred for hunting and obedience. They can be tricky pets, especially if you have a smaller home – and don’t enjoy seeing it wrecked twice a week.

However, if you can manage these dogs, then you would have an enthusiastic boating buddy. Beagles often enjoy boat rides, and a well-trained beagle will obey the Captain just as well as any sailor! Even if your beagle is more on the lazy side, get it on a boat – apathetic beagles have been known to liven up on a boat. They just love to look at the water, as if searching for sunken treasure!

5. Poodle

Yep – the poodles, famed for accompanying ladies to the hairdresser, are actually pretty tough. Their hypoallergenic coats are highly water-resistant, and this dog is one of the easiest to manage.

Believe it or not, the poodle was originally bred for hunting ducks, so swimming is in their blood!

6. Chesapeake Bay Retriever

A relatively unknown breed, descended from Newfoundland dogs. Chesapeake Retrievers are loyal, intelligent dogs with sturdy coats. They are one of the toughest water retrievers in America.

7. Shipperke

Small, fox-like and easy to manage, Shipperkes are known to make excellent boat dogs. Loyal, gentle with children, high-spirited and protective, they also make excellent house-pets!

8. Any mixed-breed!

Generally, the main qualities that make a sailor out of a dog are training and love. Of course, dogs that are not good swimmers will not feel at ease when in a boat, but still – loving canines are shaped by your ability as a trainer. Generally, if you pick a dog from your local dog rescue center and adopt it, you will have an excellent chance to turn the dog into a loyal first mate no matter what the breed!

All it takes is love – and good knowledge of dog training!

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