Foods that are Toxic to Dogs

Narrated from: Dog Health

As responsible pet owners we all try to do the very best for our four legged friends. Dogs are more than pets - they are members of the family! Many things in your home right now can be toxic or even fatal to Fido, so go ahead and do an inventory of what you have before you bring a dog into your home. Do not begin to panic now; planning is your best friend when it comes to offering proper care to your pets. The remedies for some of the toxic things listed here may be required to induce vomiting by the Poison Control Center, or by your veterinarian, so make sure you have hydrogen peroxide on hand at all times. Any time you waste in a panic is time wasted where you could be making your dog better so save the panic for later. You should speak with your veterinarian to find out how much peroxide to give your dog in the event of an emergency. Write down the information your get from your veterinarian and post it where you can find it when you need it, along with the phone number to the Poison Control Center.

You may want to teach your dog the “Leave it” command so he does not automatically eat everything that happens to hit the floor. Apple seeds and even crab apples found outside on the ground can be toxic to dogs. Even as little as five grapes can cause kidney damage to a small 20 pound dog and the damage is irreversible. Even something as simple as providing this delicious fruit to your children and then them accidentally spilling them can result in the death of your dog. If your dog ingests grapes he will probably begin to vomit on his own. Depending on the amount of grapes he has ingested he will likely experience abdominal pain and diarrhea. He will become very weak and if he does try to be mobile he will look like he is drunk. You can see these signs as soon as he ingests them or as long as twenty-four hours later. Many toxins can take a long time to begin showing symptoms; unfortunately by then it is often too late.

Onions are another toxin to dogs. They cause the destruction of red blood cells and kidney damage follows shortly after. No one is really sure how many onions or how much onion a dog needs to eat for them to be toxic and the size of your dog will certainly have an impact on that amount. For onions it does not seem to matter whether they are raw, cooked or dehydrated. Dogs can also suffer toxicity from similar foods like garlic or chives.  Garlic and onions are so popular in all kinds of food so be sure and read labels! If you make your own dog food, as many people do these days, beware of the garlic and onion content in baby foods. You must read labels to make sure these toxins do not make their way into your puppy’s system and reading labels is the most accurate way to achieve that goal!

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