Devoted dog saves boy from bees!

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Dogs are famous for saving their human friends from a number of dangers: wells, cougars, wolves, depression… but bees???

Well, bees can be quite a nuisance – especially if one is allergic!

In 2010, 9-year-old Richie Bragg was attacked in his own back yard by bees. He was stung on the foot four times and struggling to get to his house, while a large swarm of bees was heading straight for him. This could have turned into a real tragedy, as later on Richie’s parents explained that he suffered from a blood condition that affects how the blood clots – not to mention that he was allergic to bees!

However, when a boy is in trouble, a dog must leap to the rescue – even if said dog is only 18 weeks old! Richie’s best friend, the boxer Pinky, attacked hundreds of bees and managed to divert them from the running boy.

The dog ran off yelping, with the bees in pursuit, while Richie made it back to the house, where he waited with his worried Grandma to close the door shut just as Pinky ran in.

Both youngsters were taken to the hospital, where, of course, it was discovered that the heroic pup had taken the brunt of the attack – she (yes guys, Pinky’s a girl!) had more than 40 bee stings in her body!

And, as it turned out, the dog was probably allergic to bees just like her master (boxers are disposed to such allergies)!

To spare you any tension – Pinky survived. However, the brave pup had to endure an unpleasant trial in the hospital, as the stings were removed, and her face was so swollen she couldn’t open her eyes!

Fortunately, all is well now and the heroic pup is once more reunited with her best friend – but both parties should be careful around beehives!

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